"Good morning, I just wanted to compliment Smith's Disposal on your excellent service. Your crew is doing a Great Job!  They also drive safely through our neighborhood and we really appreciate it. Again thank you for the Great service you provide."    

"Most of us hardly give a second thought to which waste hauler we use ... but we should!  With all of this talk about "supporting local businesses", some are still using a nationally owned company for their trash pick-up.  Why is this?  There is a family owned company, right in your own back yard.  So should you use Smith's Disposal & Recycling just because they're local?  Absolutely NOT!!  You should use them because of what they do for our communities.  They continuously support the local schools in pretty much every fundraiser, they sponsor community activities and events that we all enjoy attending, and they have newer, very well maintained trucks that don't leave piles of oil on the roads they travel.  Smith's drivers are courteous, and customer oriented -- they know they are providing a valuable service, and appreciate each and every customer.  Something as small as making sure your empty trash cans have their lids replaced can make a big difference.  Their office staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making sure that every customer is treated like family.  We have been customers of Smith's since 1996 and will never switch.  They are a local business doing good things.  You can thank them by becoming a customer if you're not already."            

"I just spoke with the lady in the office, but wanted to send a note as well. We have now paid for a year of service up front for the first time because we are that confident in your company. We have worked with two other companies who did not give good service. So, thank you to the workers on my route and your office staff, their diligence and attention to detail is greatly appreciated".
Sincerely, Patrick and Michelle


"Just writing to let you know how much we appreciate your disposal staff.  They are always on-time and super friendly.  Our dog Dixie waits (a little impatiently) each week for their arrival.  She is always rewarded with a friendly greeting and a doggie treat!  They are a good group of guys & we appreciate their service." 
Many thanks from a Family on Allen Road in Clarkston!